Buy a Home Warranty

When you decide to buy a home warranty, the options can be overwhelming. This is why Home Warranty of America (HWA) makes it simple, offering comprehensive and reliable home warranties across the nation for one low annual fee. 

HWA will walk you through the process to buy a home warranty, customizing a plan that covers your systems and built-in appliances. Because we offer an extensive range of home warranty options, you can have confidence that we will design a plan that fits your needs and budget.  HWA even offers a GreenPlus option that allows you to replace your covered appliances and systems, when needed, with ENERGY STAR-qualified products.

When you buy a home warranty with HWA, your home appliances are protected as well as your wallet. If something breaks, there’s no need to worry about who will take care of it. Simply call our toll-free number any time of day, and get access to thousands of qualified contractors through one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

HWA has spent years building our reputation for reliability and we look forward to helping you protect your home. When you are ready to buy a home warranty, click here for a quote or contact us today.

Our Purpose

To provide helpful service with empathy and compassion

Our Promise

To provide comprehensive high-value home warranty coverage.