ENERGY STAR Certified Appliances

The benefits of ENERGY STAR certified appliances are clear – lower utility bills, improved quality and durability and enhanced performance. But replacing your home’s appliances when they break with ENERGY STAR certified appliances can be costly – unless you have a Home Warranty of America (HWA) GreenPlus plan!

An innovative and eco-friendly leader in the home warranty industry, HWA was the first in the nation to offer a “green” home warranty option. With the GreenPlus option, when covered appliances break, they are replaced with efficient ENERGY STAR certified appliances. Vital appliances and systems that are covered with an ENERGY STAR replacement include refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers. Water heaters are replaced with a Tankless Water Heating and Heating System is replaced with a 90% efficiency model.

Adding GreenPlus to your HWA home warranty costs just $6.25 a month. In return, you’ll receive ENERGY STAR certified appliances to replace your covered dishwasher, refrigerator and clothes washer. that will save on energy costs and ensure that you play a part in saving our planet. Ready to get started? Request a free quote now!

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