Home Protection

You’ve worked your whole life for the moment you move into your new house.  Home Warranty of America can give your home protection and provide you peace-of-mind when you are covered by a home warranty from Home Warranty of America. 

When buying a new home, appliances can be old and a common fear is a major breakdown will occur shortly after moving in.  Realtors and homeowners alike know that a home warranty can provide security and home protection, so that you can simply enjoy your new home.

HWA can provide you with an individualized home warranty that helps you feel confident that your home is protected.  We have multiple, comprehensive plans and options to choose from with competitive pricing. 

Your real estate agent can be an invaluable resource when it comes to home warranties, or contact an HWA representative now to learn how home protection through HWA can save you time and money! 

Our Purpose

To provide helpful service with empathy and compassion

Our Promise

To provide comprehensive high-value home warranty coverage.