Home Warranty Protection

Buying or selling a home can be stressful. New homeowners worry about breakdowns of unfamiliar appliances or mechanical systems. Sellers dread costly required repairs or replacements. And realtors hate to see repair costs prevent a sale or ruin a client’s transition to a new home. Thankfully, there’s a way to alleviate the anxiety: Home warranty protection from Home Warranty of America (HWA).

Protection for Home Buyers and Sellers

Buy a home, and you inherit its problem appliances and systems; maybe the seller failed to mention that the dishwasher leaks or that the heat pump was never maintained. Sell a home, and an inspection could reveal the need for expensive repairs; opt not to repair, and you might put off potential buyers or need to reduce your price to make the sale.

An HWA home warranty protects both buyers and sellers from the expense of unexpected repairs. We have no age-restrictions on what we cover, and we require no inspections. When your appliance or system is covered by our warranty, your repair cost is limited to a small, pre-determined fee. If the item can’t be repaired, we’ll replace it at no additional charge; either way, HWA guarantees your satisfaction.

Home Warranty Protection for Realtors

Real estate agents purchase home warranties for a variety of reasons. Warranty protection encourages your sellers to make needed repairs in a timely fashion – for less cost, under less stress. When you can shield your clients against repair costs, you’ll improve their return on the sale and increase their satisfaction; it’s a win for you and your clients.

Adding home warranty protection makes things easier for both buyers and sellers. Repairs become smaller obstacles to the sale of a home, because we handle claims quickly, efficiently, and to your satisfaction. Buyers have less concern about the longevity of a home’s appliances or systems, because these can be repaired or replaced for little cost; many also appreciate the value that a warranty adds to a new home.

Protection Plans from HWA

When you buy a 13-month home warranty protection plan from HWA, you can rely on excellent service. Our in-house team is available 24/7/365 to quickly respond to issues, and our national network of pre-screened technicians skillfully handles repairs and replacements. It’s no wonder that HWA is consistently one of the top-rated home warranty companies in the nation.

Protection plans from HWA start as low as $24.95 a month, and we can personalize one to work with your home and your budget. Ask about our GreenPlus option that – for just $6.25 a month – replaces covered appliances that break down with ENERGY STAR-qualified models. Contact us today to see why so many homeowners and realtors choose HWA when they need the protection of a home warranty.

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Our Promise

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