Home Warranty of America, Inc. Wants to Help you Better Understand the Fundamentals of Home Warranties

While HWA recognizes that home warranties are a serious business, protecting one of the largest assets their clients own, They also know it is not always easy to wade through even the basics to understand them or how to use them effectively. So they've cleverly used their orange mascot "Ollie" to animate a fun, yet educational 9-minute video to teach the fundamentals. The video doesn't replace the need for all clients to read their contracts, but it's a great introduction to their HWA home warranty and how to use it.

"We know everyone is so busy with work and home, they often don't take the time or have the energy to really read a lot about our home warranties. We understand this and being a progressive, growing company, we wanted to make it fun and engaging to learn about our warranties - even entertaining" said David Sobel, Vice President of Sales.

The video is on the company's new Web site at www.hwaHomeWarranty.com

"This is a video even the kids can watch and enjoy for the fun animation, plus Ollie our mascot will make them smile. We want the HWATM brand of home warranties to be the best value in the marketplace, the most service oriented, progressive and educational. Education is key to our industry's reputation and often not done well or at all. We think we hit the mark with this inviting video" added Marc Roth, President & CEO of HWA.


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To provide helpful service with empathy and compassion

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To provide comprehensive high-value home warranty coverage.