Home Warranty of America Launches New iPhone Application for REALTORS

Home Warranty of America, one of the leading providers of home warranties and options in the United States, announced the release of a new Apple iPhone application for Realtors. Now Realtors can download the application and handle all their home warranty business from anywhere, whether they are in their car, at a closing or on the beach.

This powerful new utility also allows Realtors to register, login, contact HWA instantly via phone or email, watch HWA's exclusive coverage and maintenance videos, and even send pre-packaged communications to their clients to develop their business.

"We want to always be on the cutting edge offering Realtors the opportunity to accelerate their sales cycles, and interact with us on the fly, right from their iPhones. HWA has always been a facilitator looking for new opportunities to allow Realtors to get what they need from us faster and easier," said Marc Roth, CEO and President of HWA.

According to the company, with this new iPhone application, Realtors can manage the home warranty portion of the transaction quicker, at their convenience and using a mobile method. They can be equally as productive when away from the office as they are at it.

Realtors can visit the HWA website to download the new HWA iPhone Application at http://www.hwaHomeWarranty.com/professionals/salestools/.

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