Home Warranty of America Makes Home Warranties Affordable for Every Family

Today Home Warranty of America, Inc., announced the national availability of a comprehensive home warranty for just $24.95 a month.

HWA senior management stated they wanted to develop a home warranty every homeowner could afford, but one that offered great, basic coverage too. With American families worrying about their budgets and jobs, a great safe haven can be a home warranty.

"One appliance repair or replacement, even a common plumbing emergency can cost hundreds, or even more than a thousand dollars" says David Sobel, Partner with HWA. "This can wipe out any savings a family has, run up credit cards or worse yet, there's no money to even fix a critical item. A great idea this spring is for families to put part of their Government rebate to very good use and protect their home and budget with this new program, AppliancePlus."

"There are some other inexpensive home warranty plans out there, but they don't cover enough. You have to upgrade to feel really protected" says Sobel. "AppliancePlus is the most comprehensive for the money because it covers 15 appliances and systems that are in everyone's home. "Most families can handle this type of payment every month much better than they can deal with a big payout when an item breaks down."

Add the Green Factor

HWA is also eager to let homeowners know they can add the new GreenPlus option now to AppliancePlus or any other home warranty through HWA for just $6.25 additional each month. GreenPlus offers replacement with ENERGY STAR qualified products saving on energy bills and emissions into the environment.


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