Home Warranty of America Provides Peace of Mind to Prospective Home Buyers and Owners in Uncertain Housing Market

In these uncertain times for the U.S. housing market, Home Warranty of America (HWA) has emerged as a leader in the home warranty industry, providing prospective home buyers and current home owners with peace of mind coverage for major appliance and home system repairs or replacement at an affordable price. With flexible options to serve both the consumer and real estate markets, HWA provides a broad line of innovative and customizable programs to make the home-buying and home-ownership experience easier and more comfortable, even in markets that have suffered significant challenges in recent months.

Founded in 1996, HWA is a family-owned business with a focus on giving customers more for their money. They are the only home warranty company in the industry to offer a 13-month contract for real estate transactions, and a variety of add-on options allow homeowners to customize a plan that fits their home specifically, rather than paying for a highly pre-packaged plan that may exceed or fall short of their needs.

"These days, mortgage costs consume a large portion of many homeowners' budgets," said David Sobel, vice president of sales at HWA. "This often leaves very little leftover to deal with major repairs such as a furnace or air conditioning failure or a stove or refrigerator that has stopped working due to normal use. HWA offers homeowners the peace of mind of knowing that if these problems arise, they won't break the bank. Our consumer plans start as low as $24.95 a month, about the cost of a cup of coffee a day, making them a much more affordable option than paying out of pocket for expensive repairs."

For real estate agents, an HWA warranty can be a significant selling point, especially for homes with less-than-new appliances and HVAC systems. In a difficult market where so many homes are up for sale, an HWA warranty can add a layer of comfort for buyers that helps close the sale and ensure a positive buying experience even after closing.

"We work closely with our customers and prospective customers to thoroughly educate them about the home warranty product in general, as well as our unique options, to make sure that they get the best value for their investment and to ensure that the coverages they need are included, so there are no surprises," Sobel said. "This approach sets us apart in the industry and has enabled us to achieve high satisfaction ratings among our customers."

"That's pretty amazing considering the state of the housing market," Sobel said. "We're actually targeting some of those markets that have been hardest hit - including California, Arizona, and Florida - in an effort to make home buying easier and home ownership more affordable to help spur recovery of both the housing market and the economy in general."

In addition to a variety of coverage packages, HWA offers unprecedented convenience in both the purchase and service of home warranty programs. Customers can customize and purchase warranty packages online, 24/7 from the comfort of their home, without being hassled by telephone sales reps or the intrusion of a home inspection. When a covered item fails due to normal wear and tear, HWA's highly trained customer service reps, located at the company's Illinois headquarters, are available 24/7 to answer the call with a complete customer profile and history on hand - meaning there's no need to repeat all the details, even if you speak with a different rep each time you call. To setup service, HWA will either contact one of the fully vetted, licensed and bonded vendors in their network, or give vendor contact information to the customer to setup the service call.

"Even in the case where we have to reject a claim, if it's not part of the contract for example, we can provide referral services to help the homeowner get in touch with a qualified, reputable vendor to do the work," Sobel said.

Home Warranty of America contracts are available in 49 states and cover normal wear and tear on a variety of home systems and appliances, including dishwashers, garbage disposals, heating/cooling systems, central vacuum, electrical and plumbing systems, with optional coverage for pool/spa, garage door systems and more. The company also offers plans for multi-unit residences such as condos, townhomes, duplex and triplex facilities. Each program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

HWA also offers the Green Plus program, the only warranty in the business that ensures that if any covered system or appliance under this option needs replacement it will be done with an Energy Star qualified product.

For more information about Home Warranty of America and to check out warranty options visit www.hwahomewarranty.com or call 1-888-492-7359.

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