Keeping Up with a Generation

By now it is evident that social media has taken over our culture, leaving many real estate agents to wonder how they can fit this burgeoning medium into the scope of their business. With a maturing Gen Y beginning to consider purchasing their first homes, it's important to create brand awareness within this new market.

For agents going after these tech-savvy first-time homebuyers, social media is a great tool to connect you with these potential clients. By social networking, you can align your marketing with the way first-time homebuyers are accessing information. New statistics show that 92% of first-time homebuyers search for houses online and 88% surfed the web for real estate agents, compared to only 28% who perused newspaper and other print listings. There's no denying the importance of social networking for your business. Here's how to make your virtual presence a success:

  • Build a social media presence. Create a Facebook page, Twitter account, Youtube channel, Pinterest, etc., that promotes your business and provides viewers with appealing information about your services and brand.
  • Engage your network. Utilize these channels to share helpful content that can actually make an impact in your prospects' lives. Providing maintenance tips, mortgage advice, home buying suggestions, and so on will add value to your service and improve relationships with your existing clients.
  • Become a thought leader. The quality information you share via social media can help you garner trust among your network as an intelligent leader in your market. Trust is one of the most important qualities clients look for when choosing an agent.
  • Build personal relationships. Social networking can help build your business, but will also support personal relationships as well. Having a good rapport with a client will keep them coming back to you for future home purchases and boost your referral business.

By participating in the social media boom, you can tap into a whole new generation of buyers and help grow your business in more economical and organic ways.

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