Crazy Sales & Home Warranty Success Stories

May 2010

5/24/10 - I got my son an HWA last November when he purchased his first home. Recently his washing machine broke. Mr. Fix It decided to do it himself, called around and found the part alone was $200, not including labor which was highly recommended not to attempt himself. I told him we added additional coverage and to try calling HWA. He did, got it fixed for $60 deductible - Mom's the Hero!

Samantha Fuller
Blue Moon Realty
Arlington, TX

5/3/10 - My buyer wanted the home warranty through HWA, and we asked the seller to pay for the Diamond program on the contract. But the seller would only pay up to the Gold program. Everything went through and his home closed. After he moved in, his water heater quit working, he called HWA to come out. As he was on the phone, and since he is the type to want to know more about the company, he talked to the Arizona representative, Kathryn Lansden, and asked how everything is processed and how he goes about doing everything. Kathryn with her happy attitude, told him about the Gold program, but he wanted more! He wanted to know about the Diamond program and she explained the difference to my buyer. The seller was only paying up to a certain limit, covered the Gold program, and my buyer thought that the Diamond program would be so much better, so, fifteen days after his closing, Kathryn helped him move up to the Diamond program and he paid the $65 difference to move up to the Diamond program! I thanked Kathryn on helping him through this situation and she just made one of my buyers a little bit more happy by taking the time to help him!!!

I always suggest's so worth the money for my buyer! I love the choice a buyer (or seller) can make between the Gold and Diamond program and the length of it being 13 months instead of 12.
Thank you Kathryn Lansden and HWA!

Nancy Campbell
West USA Realty Revelation
Chandler, AZ

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