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With New Media, the Same Marketing Principles Apply

Measuring the success of your marketing efforts is always critical, but some media is built to be measured in the short term, while others are more structured for brand building, to be measured long term.

Find Out What Your Clients Really Think of You

Right now, you're thinking this might be a case of "be careful what you wish for." Absolutely not-there's nothing to fear. You need to know definitively what your clients think, and creating an annual survey is an important marketing step, especially prior to any strategic planning.

Still Betting on a Housing Recovery

Despite rising mortgage rates, still-depressed home prices, and the expiry of the home buyer tax credits, the housing recovery won't stall.

Got Great Credit? It May Not Be Enough to Refinance

 You'd like to believe a couple with excellent credit scores, and equity in their homes, would find it easy to refinance. You'd be wrong.

Is a Short Sale Right for You?

Sometimes the best strategy is to sell at whatever price you can get.

Getting a Mortgage Without Perfect Credit

Sure, it has become harder to get a mortgage or refinance. With a bit of work, you can still do it and save a lot of money.

Are You Ready to Buy Real Estate Now?

I am bullish about the real estate market, but I want to hear what you think.

Stop Whining and Hold on to Your House

Millions of homeowners are underwater. But don't sell your house?when the market turns, property will rise in value again, writes Marc Roth

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