Crazy Sales & Home Warranty Success Stories

November 2009

11/23/09 - Hello! My clients (sellers) just had a success story that I would like to share! They were on the market for over 2 years with no luck before they hired me. After we listed we attracted a buyer within 2 months! It was a tough clients didn't have a lot of extra cash because they had been paying 2 mortgages for so long not to mention they just paid for 2 weddings and a graduation party for their kids...the buyers were first time home buyers putting all they had down on their loan! The hot water tank was the last piece of the puzzle to negotiate and my clients were frustrated because they just didn't have anymore money to give! I reminded them that they listened to my advise and chose to add the home warranty to their listing! They called, someone came out within a couple days and put in a brand new tank, and we were good to go with the contract for their home! We are all set to close at the end of this month! Thanks so much Home Warranty of America, Inc!

Michelle M. Bryce
Howard Hanna Real Estate Services
Cleveland, OH

11/2/09 - I was in the middle of a sale and had to meet a contractor at a vacant home to get a bid on some work that needed to be done.. there was an upstairs bedroom that still had a bed in it with a pillow and comforter spread over it. When we walked up the stairs into that room there was something fluffy and grey sticking up on the bed- very strange! I walked over to check it out and lo and behold it was a squirrels tail sticking straight up in the air! I kind of jumped for a second and then when it didn't move the contractor walked over and removed the pillow - there was a very stiff squirrel under there apparently he had snuggled under the pillow and died! We laughed so hard we cried... .he insisted on taking a picture ... which I then sent on to the out of state home owner! We figured it had come in through the fireplace...

Karen Quinlin
Quinlin Good Neighbor Realty
Edmond, OK

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