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A Home Warranty from Home Warranty of America lessens post-sale disputes, helps you sell your listings fast and closer to the asking price. But did you know that we are constantly working to help you build and manage your business better and faster? HWA has multiple Sales Tools to do just that.


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Client Contact Program


HWA's Client Contact Program is FREE

Our Client Contact Program is as easy to use as 1-2-3! Just login to your HWA account, choose the PDF you would like to download and that's it! Your information will be populated  on the PDF that is ready for you to print or email out to your clients.

Client Contact Program - e-postcards!

Tools Build Your Business

Home Warranty of America's Client Contact Program for Realtors offers e-postcards. 
They're short, bright and full of quick ideas to improve the home.

Request Marketing Materials Instantly!

You can request any marketing materials for your office right here, online, quickly and easily. They will be shipped to you right away. You can also get instant sales reports for your HWA home warranties, just by clicking a button!

HWA Buttons

Post the HWA Green Button or  HWA One Button on your Web site or blog and you can easily direct your clients to the HWA website for all the information they need to know about an HWA Home Warranty and going green!

Home Warranty 101 Video

Ollie the Orange walks your clients through HWA Home Warranty 101 - This 9-minute video can benefit you and your clients: It frees up your time by taking the education about the warranty out of your hands and putting it into HWA's; It supports your promotion of HWA Home Warranties for the seller and the buyer; It increases understanding about HWA programs, reducing calls to you.

HWA and

HWA and offer Realtors a social media solution to promote listings, open houses, client moves and more!

Green Closing Gift

Green is not only "in" it's necessary if we want to maintain our planet for ourselves and generations to come. While HWA offers a GreenPlus option, and engages in green practices at the office, we want to do even more.

Our Purpose

To provide helpful service with empathy and compassion

Our Promise

To provide comprehensive high-value home warranty coverage.