Sensible Home Warranty

Did you know that a home warranty provides easy, reliable solutions for unexpected problems that may arise after the sale of a home? It’s true! As an award-winning home warranty provider since 1996, Home Warranty of America is committed to helping you find a sensible home warranty.

Whether it’s that air conditioner that breaks down during a heat wave, or the oven that gives out the week before out of town guests arrive, a sensible home warranty protects your home and your wallet from the rising cost of appliance repair. HWA consumer plans start as low as $24.95 a month. Then, if a covered system or appliance breaks, you don’t have to search for a repair service on your own. With just one call to an HWA service representative and a small trade call fee, a screened technician will be on the way!

A sensible home warranty from HWA offers the following advantages:

  • A national network of qualified and dependable service technicians pre-screened for you
  • No age restrictions on homes or models
  • No inspections necessary prior to purchasing a home warranty (although HWA highly recommends that all buyers have an inspection on a house, townhouse or condominium before purchasing it)

Concerned about the environment? A sensible home warranty will also offer the option to replace covered appliances that break with efficient ENERGY STAR-qualified products, including your dishwasher, water heater (tankless), kitchen refrigerator, clothes washer and furnace (to 90% efficiency) -- all the vital systems you rely on every day. HWA is proud to offer the nation’s first green home warranty option called GreenPlus. Adding GreenPlus to your HWA home warranty costs just $6.25 a month, and you’ll be happy to save on energy costs and play a part in helping our planet, too!

Want to learn about how to get the most out of a home warranty? Ollie the Orange Guy, HWA's mascot, can walk you through Home Warranty 101 - Learning about the Home Warranty. Ready to purchase a sensible home warranty? Free quotes from HWA are available for Real Estate Professionals and homeowners. Get started today!

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