Crazy Sales & Home Warranty Success Stories

September 2009

9/14/09 - This one takes the cake...Lisa and I closed on a house at 9:30 a.m. on a Wednesday morning. Our sellers proceed to tell us that they are still moving out and will need until 5:00 p.m. We nervously await the buyers arrival to sign the contract and let them know that the sellers are not quite out yet! The title co. assures me everyone is fine and all is good.

On Thursday the following day I go out for a walk in my neighborhood. I happen to pass the house we just sold the day before. As I approach the house I see the sellers in the drive way and a third person who I assume is the buyer and contractually the new owner of the home. I start to panic and think, this can't be good!! I try to turn around before I am noticed. Too Late! They wave and I proceed up the street to say hi. I introduce myself to the buyer as I await to see what turmoil I am about to face. The sellers are still moving out as there is a moving van in front of the house. Apparently the buyer arrived Wednesday evening to take possession of the property that legally now belonged to him. The sellers had not quite made it out so they ALL stayed the night in the house together! They had never met each other until that evening at 5:00!

I am not sure what they thought when my jaw hit the floor but when I found out everyone was happy I was relieved! I let the buyer know how appreciative I was that he was so accommodating to the sellers and they all gushed and told me how great Lisa and I did and thanked us for a job well done! WHEW...very strange but then again.. this is Real Estate and I am a Realtor!

Jennifer Hemenway
The Jen & Lisa Team

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