Tips for a Warmer, Less Expensive Winter from HWA

Colder weather is coming, and you and your clients can warm up your homes with some easy, but sometimes less-obvious fixes. Share the following tips with friends, family and clients:

  • Add or change the weather stripping on your front door and any other doors to the outside of your home
  • Add fireproof electrical insulation around your switch plates
  • Add insulation around your window trim
  • Add insulation around or weather stripping to your attic trap door(s)
  • Insulate or add weather stripping around any bathroom fans vented to your attic
  • Insulate your garage and attic
  • Keep your fireplace damper closed when not in use

For basements

  • Insulate the perimeter of your basement (the rim joists)
  • Seal ducts and insulate any spots where pipes intersect with the floor or ceiling
  • Insulate your basement

You can also complete an online energy audit for your own home at the Government's ENERGY STAR site by following this link. All you need is a few minutes and 12 months worth of energy bills.

Most of these fixes are quick, easy and inexpensive, but can save you hundreds of dollars on energy costs annually, plus give you something to talk about with the neighbors on those long winter nights.

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