Did you know that a home warranty can protect you from the ever-rising cost of appliance and system repairs? That’s good news for your wallet!

Here are just a few of the advantages of a warranty from Home Warranty of America (HWA):

  • Full coverage with no age restrictions on the home or any of its mechanical systems or appliances
  • Fast, dependable home repairs around the clock. If something breaks, just call 888-492-7359 to place a claim, any time of day, for just a small trade call fee.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Flexible pricing and payment options -- A home warranty from HWA starts as low as $24.95 a month, and you choose whether to pay monthly, in three equal payments, or all at once.

To learn more about a home warranty, browse our list of Frequently Asked Questions or watch one of HWA’s educational videos.Or if you are ready to get started, request a free quote now!

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To provide helpful service with empathy and compassion

Our Promise

To provide comprehensive high-value home warranty coverage.