Benefits for HWA Contractors

Becoming a contractor with Home Warranty of America can benefit your career and business

Want to grow your business with consistent work throughout the year? Expand your customer base without increasing your budget by becoming a Home Warranty of America® service provider today! We'll put you in touch with customers you can convert to your own recurring, devoted fan base – one that could become a great source of referrals!

Why Join HWA?

Our Growth = Your Growth

The home warranty business for HWA is booming and is adding new customers year after year. We are backed by Direct Energy, one of the largest energy and home service providers in North America. Direct Energy is developing its Home Comfort Collection suite of protection plans, and they include individual system maintenance and repair plans covering HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. So, if you become part of our network of service providers, you will have opportunities to support those protection plan customers.*

Build Your Business

HWA service providers receive business throughout the year. This introduces you to new customers in your area with the potential for repeat business and referrals!

Save Your Marketing Budget

HWA provides you with regular business leads without the cost of advertising or lead generation.

Personal Service

We assign a helpful, knowledgeable, and dedicated Account Manager to each service provider.

Flexible Workflow

We work with your schedule and honor days off and vacations.

Fast Approvals

We offer fast and simple approvals on the claims you service to make the experience easy and painless for both the customer and you!

Fast Payments

We boast industry-leading invoice submission and payment turnaround speed!

VIP Potential

Every service provider is eligible to become a VIP with expedited claim approvals. This includes faster payments via direct deposit and increased growth opportunities.

Online Claim Approval

Qualified vendors can authorize their own claims online without ever having to call us!

Fax Claim Approval

Qualified vendors can fax in an approval form instead of calling us or going to our website.

Higher Authorization Limits

Since time is money, we work with individual contractors to raise your authorization limit above industry standards to help you service more customers. This way, your technicians will spend less time on the phone and more time generating profits!

Work More, Sell Less

We send business directly to you so you can spend more time performing billable work and less time searching for customers.

*Third-party service contractors are eligible to service Direct Energy Protection Plan customers located outside the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®, Mister Sparky® and One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning® footprint.

Become an HWA Service Provider

Grow your customer base without draining your marketing budget, and get work throughout the year.

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