Home Warranty Comparisons

Once you’ve realized that a home warranty is a great way to protect your wallet from the escalating cost of appliance and system repairs, then it’s time to make home warranty comparisons. A leader in the industry, Home Warranty of America (HWA) urges you to consider the following when comparing plans:

  • Longevity of the company - HWA has been in business since 1996.
  • Length of coverage - HWA’s plans provide 13 months of protection for a home you are buying or selling.
  • Scope and reach - HWA offers a large network of service providers and extensive customer service and program options.
  • Satisfaction guarantee - HWA offers a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Accessibility of customer service staff - HWA reps are available 24/7/365.
  • Deductibles or trade call fees - HWA has low trade call fees, typically about $50, depending upon the plan.
  • Transferability of the policy - HWA's home warranties transfer to the new owner.

After making your home warranty comparisons, we hope you’ll agree that HWA is the home warranty company for you! But don’t just accept our word for it – check out testimonials from satisfied homeowners and real estate professionals. And be sure to check out how to get the most out of a home warranty in our Home Warranty 101 - Learning about the Home Warranty video.

Concerned about the environment? HWA also offers the nation’s first green plan option that will replace covered appliances that break with efficient ENERGY STAR-qualified products, including your dishwasher, water heater (tankless), kitchen refrigerator, clothes washer and furnace (to 90% efficiency). Adding GreenPlus to your HWA home warranty costs just $6.25 a month and can help save on electric bills.

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