Crazy Sales & Home Warranty Success Stories

June 2009

6/29/09 - You mean I only get to pick one?

Here's a good one. I had a house listed for sale it was a major fixer upper actually probably needed to be torn down all together. There were rail road tracks behind the house. The owner called me one day to tell me that the train had derailed into her back yard the day before. She said that this was the second time this had happened and she, "was suffering from postpartum depression" as a result of the event. I believe what she meant to say was that she was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder being that she hadn't recently undergone child birth. She proceeded to then go on to say that the Express News had come out and done a story on the event. She said it would be good publicity for the home since it was for sale. I later picked up the paper and there was a picture of the owner standing in front of the house holding an envelope from my office in her hand. The article went on to say that she was "getting out of here, as you can see I've put my house up for sale" and much more about how it wasn't safe to live there and so forth.

Needless to say that I was not able to sell the home for her. I still have the article to this day. I figured if I ever wrote a memoir of my life as a Realtor this would definitely make it into the book.

Meghan Pelley, ABR,

6/22/09 - A few years back one of my agents "Bob" was showing a property in central Montana on a warm day in early March.

Bob walked his clients from corner to corner, showing them all of the possibilities of the property. After looking over the property for sometime they all ended up on a high ridgeline in the central portion of the property.

Bob said to his clients "Lets Head down the hill this way back to the truck". Bob then quickly started his way down the hill and stepped right onto some very slippery mud that had been warmed by sun, but under the mud it was still frozen solid. He falls down and starts to slide down the hill gaining speed and getting completely covered in mud. Once he reached the bottom of the hill and came to a stop he jumped up and yelled back to the top of the hill, where his clients still stood with their mouths hanging open, and said with a huge smile "WOW!!!! THAT WAS FUN IF YOU DON'T BUY THIS I'M GOING TOO".

This of course started a round of laughing that was nearly crippling, but ended with a signed contract and a sale!!

Scott Joyner, Northwest National CEO, Montana & Wyoming Broker 10154

6/8/09 - Still unfolding but as of now, my sellers are working on an offer to present TO a buyer.

The buyers offered full price and my sellers countered! The buyers walked away and now my sellers want to re-offer the buyers their first offer.

This is our fourth offer on the property (first full-price offer) and the sellers keep scaring off the buyers by countering with changes to the promulgated contract. (They're not even countering for higher price, closing date, etc., JUST the wording of the TAR contract.)

Let's see if they'll come back....

Nicole Tucker, REALTOR, Keller Williams, Dallas, TX

6/1/09 - 6/1/09 I got a call on phone duty for a listing and went to meet the seller to go over the listing presentation at her office. Her office turned out to be a funeral home! First time for that! So I got the listing and it went under contract in less than a week, with multiple offers.

On Saturday of that week the appraiser went out (home was vacant) and she called me in a panic. She had walked in the house to find that everything was covered in ashes and it smelled like a BBQ pit...The home had caught on fire! Apparently the house was built so well and was so air tight that the fire just burned itself out from lack of oxygen. You would not know there was a fire from looking at the outside.

Upon investigation from the Fire Marshall we learned that the fire was electrical. Someone that came through the house had plugged in an old-timey popcorn popper that the seller had for staging but it didn't have an automatic shut off.

The house had to be gutted which would take 4-6 months and we let the buyer walk away with all of their money back. By the time the house was renovated it was absolutely gorgeous but the market had totally changed and potential buyers were scared off by the fire on the disclosure so it didn't sell when we relisted it. Owner ended up having to rent it out instead.
That all happened in my first year of real estate. Talk about trial by fire! HA!

Nicole Boynton - REALTOR, Sky Realty, Inc, Austin, TX

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