GreenPlus - Green Home Warranty Option

Home Warranty of America prides itself on being an innovative and eco-friendly leader in the home warranty industry - which is why we are proud to offer you our green home warranty option, GreenPlus. 

GreenPlus, which set a precedent as the first green home warranty option in the nation, covers appliances that need to be replaced with efficient ENERGY STAR-qualified products. These appliances include your dishwasher, water heater (tankless), kitchen refrigerator, clothes washer and furnace (to 90% efficiency) - all the vital systems you rely on every day.

Adding GreenPlus to your HWA home warranty for just $5.77 a month will help you save on energy costs and ensure that you play part in saving our planet too!

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    Search our site for millions of green products and services listed by government and public companies. We update our site daily so you can find the latest information via our site. Simple to use - the site will link you directly to the product and service you are seeking Nationwide, State, County, and City. We believe by going green we can save our planet. So search away and spread the word - Let's Go Green!

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