Plumbing System Maintenance

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Plumbing System

Drain piles can clog and valves and fittings develop leaks. Small leaks usually grow and can cause major water damage in your home. Fixing leaks right away and keeping an eye and ear out for them is critical.

Clean Your Drains
You can clean your drains in your sinks and tub by simply running hot water and then pouring a handful or so of baking soda down each of them. Let the hot water run for a few minutes and then repeat the procedure. This helps remove grease and sediments that buildup over time in your pipes. You may want to do this a couple of times a year.

Visual Inspections
Visually inspecting for leaks regularly is important. You can do this by checking under sinks and around toilets. Look for signs of moisture and leaks, rust or lime deposits (white) which are early signs of trouble coming.

Inspect around your toilet carefully looking for cracks in the toilet where it is bolted to the floor. Even a hairline crack can mean a leak is happening or developing. Look around the inlet pipes and on the tank bottom as well.

Drippy faucets and shower heads and toilet flush valves that operate poorly should be changed or fixed.

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