Heating System Maintenance

Heating System

You need to have your furnace serviced annually by a competent professional for efficiency and safety. It is if not the most expensive, one of the most expensive, complicated, and important systems in your home. Most furnaces are powered by either gas, electricity or oil and may be integrated into your whole home HVAC system - heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Schedule regular maintenance on the entire system before the season starts, (September for your furnace) and you can often get better pricing and quicker response from your professional contractor.

You should replace the filter on your furnace as often as recommended by the manufacturer, but monthly is the general rule. Keep a box of them by the furnace to remind yourself to change it and write on the side of the filter the date you installed it. If you notice much more dust in your home than usual or even soot; changing the filter can alleviate these problems.

If Your Unit is not Working
If you have a problem with your heating system, as with all systems or appliances, check for blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers and proper power first.

Energy Savings and System Life
Did you know that your energy bills can rise as much as 10-15% as a result of lack of proper maintenance on your system? And you can extend the life of your equipment by 20-30% through proper maintenance, which may mean an additional 5-10 years for the average unit!

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