Our Values

Our core values are displayed throughout our company. They serve as a reminder to HWA staff every day about how we want our culture to grow, our customers to be treated and company to continue to develop.


HWA has been visionary since its inception. Our home warranties are the most comprehensive, flexible and value-priced on the market. But great products are only part of a great company. We hire employees who fit this visionary company standard. Customer Service Representatives who can take your need and follow it through to resolution. Our Sales Representatives don't just take orders, but they know our products and how they compare. This is who we are, people with "Vision."

Hard Working

You've worked hard to own your home and at HWA we understand that. We've worked hard to build a strong, solid company here to serve you.Our technology allows us to take care of your claim efficiently and is so unique, it's proprietary to the industry. We can contact service contractors in your area from our approved, screened database in seconds. Handling claim approvals with service contractors is usually just a phone call while they are at your home. We work hard and smart so you can move on with your life!


We honor our contracts with our clients. While no warranty company covers every claim since some claims do fall outside of the contract coverage, we do everything we can to help you get back on track - that's the difference. Even if it's not covered under our contract, we will do our best to provide a referral to a service contractor that can help you. No matter what, we want to alleviate your problem in any way we can. We sell one-year home warranties, but we work to insure you are our customer for much longer.


We ask how something can get done, rather than saying it can't be done. That's why we're here for you 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, even on holidays. We know it's important to talk to someone when you're having a mechanical or other problem at your home. Even if it's just to place your claim; it's helpful to have taken that first step. And you can rest assured that HWA will get a qualified, licensed service contractor out to your home right away.


At HWA we are also respectful of your time. We give you the choice of calling the service contractor direct or having them call you. And we enter all of your information and details into our database so that even if you talk to a different HWA Customer Service Representative, you do not have to update us again. That's how we want to be treated too!


We want to help you succeed and we know from our customers' survey comments we do that many times every day across our Country. When you can talk live to one of our courteous and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives and take care of your problem quickly, you can go right on with life - now that's helpful!

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HWA Has You Covered

A home warranty from HWA protects your budget and your peace of mind against the unexpected expenses of inevitable home repairs. Whether you're buying, selling, or already in your home, we have a plan to fit your needs!

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