Compare Rates to Repair Appliances and Systems With and Without a Home Warranty

How much can you save with a home warranty?

When one of your appliances or home systems breaks down, the unknown repair or replacement costs can be a major concern. Unfortunately, these issues are inevitable: even the best cared for equipment will go on the fritz sooner or later – usually when you least expect it.

We've compiled a list of typical prices to repair mechanical systems and appliances you use every day. Compare these prices to the modest fees we charge to send experienced technicians right to your home, and you can see the value of a home warranty. With HWA's competitive prices and trade call fees, you can save hundreds when it comes time to repair appliances, or save thousands more when replacing mechanical systems.

    Average Retail Cost Cost with HWA*
Plumbing System Repair $200.00 $60-$100
Electrical System Main Service Panel $2,000.00 $60-$100
Breaker/Outlet $200.00 $60-$100
Heating System Replacement $6,500.00 $60-$100
Repair $465.00 $60-$100
Air Conditioning Freon Leaks $800.00 $60-$100
Compressor $1,500.00 $60-$100
Condensor Unit $2,350.00 $60-$100
Dishwasher Replacement $650.00 $60-$100
Repair $200.00 $60-$100
Garbage Disposal Replacement $300.00 $60-$100
Cooktop Replacement $900.00 $60-$100
Repair $220.00 $60-$100
Oven Replacement $1,200.00 $60-$100
Repair $200.00 $60-$100
Duct Work Replacement $500.00 $60-$100
Washer Replacement $6\750.00 $60-$100
Repair $220.00 $60-$100
Dryer Replacement $750.00 $60-$100
Repair $220.00 $60-$100
Refrigerator Replacement $1,500.00 $60-$100
Repair $620.00 $60-$100
Pool/Spa Replace Heater $3,200.00 $60-$100
Water Heater Replacement $850.00 $60-$100

*Trade call fee varies by state and plan. Check your contract for current pricing, limits of liability and any exclusions.

HWA Has You Covered

A home warranty from HWA provides security against the unexpected expenses of inevitable home repairs. Whether you're buying, selling, or already in your home, we have a plan to fit!

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