Property Management

Protect your rental property with a home warranty.

We understand that you're not just a landlord – you're an investor. Not all tenants take care of home systems and appliances like homeowners do, and some may even push these items to their limits.

HWA's 13-month home warranties help you protect your investment, offering security against the cost of unexpected repairs and replacements. When a covered item breaks down, just call our customer service team or visit our website. We'll handle the rest. We'll send an experienced local technician out to handle your claim.

HWA makes it simple.

We ease the stress on property owners, managers and tenants alike by helping you customize the claims process. You can opt to designate the property manager to initiate all claims, or allow authorized tenants to request service as needed. HWA can also establish direct billing for our competitive trade call fees and any services not covered under the warranty.

Keep costs low.

HWA helps lower your out-of-pocket property management expenses. Our home warranties offer a controlled cost, versus the expensive and unpredictable costs of home repair and replacements of mechanical systems and appliances.

Compare our plans to others: you'll find that HWA offers great value at a reasonable price.

HWA Has You Covered

A home warranty from HWA protects your budget and your peace of mind against the unexpected expenses of inevitable home repairs. Whether you're buying, selling, or already in your home, we have a plan to fit your needs!

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