Do Home Warranties Cover Roof Leaks & Damage?

If you've ever wondered whether your home warranty protects you and your family in the case of a roof leak or other kinds of roof-related damage, you're not alone.

“Do home warranties cover roof leaks?” That’s a common question for us, and there's a lot of confusion over what's covered by existing insurance and what you'll have to pay out of pocket for if damage occurs.

The good news is that supplemental protection like a home warranty picks up where your insurance leaves off, giving you peace of mind and helping keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket instead of donating it to an expensive repair effort that we all know is inevitable given enough time.

That's because while homeowners insurance covers you in the case of a storm or a tree that causes damage to the roof or the structure of your house, a home warranty protects the other side of the equation -- from defects in workmanship or materials used in the construction of your home, as well as your home's systems and appliances.

Home Warranties vs. Home Insurance

While a home warranty is entirely elective, homeowners insurance is typically required by your home's mortgage lender. After all, until you've paid off your debt, the bank is still the true owner, and they want to make sure they're covered in case anything happens to the home.

While there's a dizzying array of insurance coverage you may be required to get, most homeowners insurance is made up of the same basic components, which outlines your coverage and cost and arbitrates your interaction with your insurance company should you need to file a claim.

In general, insurance covers you when something external -- such as a heavy storm, fire, earthquake or some other catastrophic event -- damages your home or the contents inside, like your furniture or electronics. You're also covered in the event of a break-in or theft, and your policy will pay to repair any broken windows or locks as well as replace any items that were taken.

But what about home warranties -- do home warranties cover roofs?

The simple answer is yes, they can, but it's usually an add-on, so make sure to talk to an agent if you're unclear about your existing coverage.

Indeed, unlike your homeowners insurance, a home warranty covers things that your insurance policy doesn't -- like your home's air conditioning and heating system, as well as your electrical system, plumbing system, appliances, and, yes, even your roof.

And since you're more likely to have to deal with a broken heating/cooling system or a leaky roof in the next 10 years of homeownership than the unlikely but damaging aftermath of an earthquake or fire, it's not a bad idea to opt for this elective coverage.

Protect the Roof that Protects You

If you just bought a new house, your home's warranty may protect you from having to pay out-of-pocket for a large roof repair bill or to cover the damage from a leak. That's because most new homes already come with a warranty that covers workmanship and materials used for a year or two.

However, most roof problems take many years to develop -- long after the contractor's initial warranty has faded. And if you're asking, "Do home warranties cover roof leaks?" the answer is only if you have an active plan.

Furthermore, homes that are decades old won't have any built-in coverage at all. And, if the damage is extensive enough, such as in the case of a long-running leak, you could be looking at a repair bill so large you'd have to take a loan out to remedy the issue.

That's right: a new roof can cost close to $10,000 or more for a larger home, and even moderate repairs can run upwards of $1,000 or more. If you have a chimney, skylights or vents, repairs can be more challenging, which all costs more money.

Worse yet, since a leaky roof typically only shows signs of damage after years of leaks, you may have to replace pipes, cabling and treat internal walls in addition to your roof repairs.

How Long Does a Roof Last?

As they're subjected to the elements year-round, most home roofs use materials that withstand the rigors of being outside in the elements -- rain, ice and snow -- as well as the daily dose of sun and dirt and dust that inevitably settles atop your home's cover.

And if you've been wondering, do home warranties cover roofs? Know that your roof isn't designed to last forever. (See our roof maintenance tips for getting the most out of your home's roof.)

While most shingles and tiles can last decades, and many manufacturers actually warranty their products for long time frames, a roof typically needs repairs every few years to ward off decay -- it isn't that your shingles will spontaneously fall apart or stop working at some point, it's how they were installed and the integrity of the gaps and seams between materials that is a roof's ultimate undoing.

Interestingly, the most common leaks are caused by flashing, or the metal bits that are used to protect and seal seams in your roof around tricky areas such as vents, skylights and chimneys.

Unfortunately, it doesn't take much for water to find a way in -- and once in, it can cause mold, rot your home's wooden skeleton and even make its way down to your home's foundation, threatening the entire structure.

How HWA Can Help

At Home Warranty of America, we believe in protecting our customers from the headache of expensive home repairs. Since homeowners insurance doesn't cover your roof, appliances or your home's systems -- such as your HVAC, plumbing and electrical -- you could be out-of-pocket thousands or tens of thousands of dollars if a major component of your home needs extensive repairs.

With an HWA home warranty, filing a claim has never been easier. Head online to our website and follow the simple steps to getting all your home repairs and replacements taken care of. You can also pick up the phone and we'll repair or replace whatever it is for free -- you'll only pay a trade call fee. And since we have a customer service team and emergency services available 24/7, you can just click on our website or call us, you'll never be left in the dark when there's a problem with your home.

At HWA we have multiple home warranty plans available and we work with budgets both large and small to tailor your home warranty to your specific coverage needs.

So, if you've ever wondered, “do home warranties cover roofs?”, call us toll free at: (888) 492-7359, or click today to see how we can help you achieve peace of mind with a home warranty from Home Warranty of America.

HWA Has You Covered

A home warranty from HWA protects your budget and your peace of mind against the unexpected expenses of inevitable home repairs. Whether you're buying, selling, or already in your home, we have a plan to fit your needs!

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