How do I clean my washing machine?

Why should I clean my washing machine?

Over time, minerals and residue build up inside your machine. Not only does this begin to hinder the cleanliness of your washer, it also makes it less effective. You depend on your washing machine to keep things clean, so follow these quick steps to clean it with minimum fuss. This simple cleaning process is done with household items and helps to keep your laundry fresh and your washer whirring!

What You'll Need:

This easy cleaning process can be done with items you already have around your house. To clean your washing machine you will need a quart of bleach. If you would rather not use bleach or don't have it, you can substitute a quart of white vinegar.

How do I clean my washing machine?

  1. Set your washing machine load size to its largest setting, and its water temperature control to the hottest setting.
  2. This allows for the largest amount of hot water to fill the machine and start washing away the residue inside. Unlike a normal load of laundry, running the machine through this cycle, empty means that no new dirt or germs are being added to the inside of the machine.

  3. Start the wash cycle and add a quart of bleach or white vinegar while the washer is filling. Wait until the machine has been agitating for one minute, and then open the lid to stop the cycle. Let water and bleach or vinegar sit in the machine for one hour.
  4. Both bleach and white vinegar act as disinfectants. Mixed with hot water, this solution will thoroughly clean the inside of your washing machine, ridding it of the built up minerals, residue and bacteria that can hinder its effectiveness. Like soaking burned pots in dish soap, letting the bleach/water mixture sit for an hour helps to ensure the caked on residue is cleaned off.

  5. After an hour, shut the lid and allow the cycle to complete as normal.
  6. Clean the water inlet filter and/or lint filter.
  7. Can't find these? Don't worry! Not all washing machines have these features; if you aren't sure, check online. If your machine does have them, clean according to the manufacturer's instructions, as it differs from machine to machine.

    Enjoy your clean washing machine!

    Your washing machine does a lot of heavy lifting for your home. Give it the time and attention it deserves with this quick and easy home cleaning process to help keep it running efficiently and effectively.

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