How do I clean my washing machine?

Did you know that minerals and residue can build up inside your washing machine, reducing its effectiveness over time?

Follow our tips to clean your washing machine with minimum fuss. This simple cleaning process will help keep your laundry fresh and your washer whirring!

  1. Set your washing machine load size to its largest setting, and its water temperature control to the hottest setting.
  2. Start the wash cycle and add a quart of bleach or white vinegar while the machine is filling.
  3. Wait until the machine has been agitating for one minute, then open the lid to stop the cycle. Let the machine sit for one hour.
  4. Shut the lid and allow the cycle to complete.
  5. Clean the water inlet filter and/or lint filter (not all washing machines have these features) according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  6. Enjoy your clean washing machine!

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