Dryer Maintenance Tips

Preventive Care for Your Clothes Dryer

Caring for your dryer goes beyond simply preventing breakdowns and extending the life of the appliance – it's also important for fire prevention. Home Warranty of America would like to share a few clothes dryer maintenance tips to help you save money and make your home safer.

Lint: Your Greatest Dryer Maintenance Challenge

Lint is an inevitable byproduct of dryer use. Most homeowners already know that emptying the lint trap after every dryer cycle is important because it dramatically improves dryer efficiency and reduces fire risk. But not everyone knows that dryer lint spreads much farther than that.

Lint frequently flows through the vent pipe leading to the outdoors, and it can accumulate both inside the pipe and on the outdoor vent, so it's best to clean the pipe at least once a year. The best tool for cleaning the entire pipe is a pipe brush on a long, flexible handle, but you can often capture a lot of lint with a vacuum attachment. Clearing the outdoor vent is a simple task that requires no special tools.

Lint can also build up beneath and behind your dryer, so when you clean the vent pipe, be sure to move the dryer so you can clean these areas as well. And it's not a bad idea to open your dryer every few years to expose the motor, belt, and drum, as lint can even escape to those areas.

Additional Dryer Maintenance Tips

To prevent further dryer repair calls, lookout for the following:

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