Washing Machine Maintenance

Your washing machine is an essential household convenience, but in order for your washer to take care of you, you have to take care of your washer.

Follow these maintenance tips from Home Warranty of America to extend the life of your appliance and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Fix Washer Problems Before They Start

By carefully examining your washing machine every few months, you stand a greater chance of catching problems before they become messy, expensive or even dangerous.

It's important to check all hoses and connections to and from your washer for signs of cracks, leaks or clogs – this includes water inlet valves and the tub and drainage system.

If you find a leak, unplug your washing machine immediately, taking care to avoid contact between the water and any electrical components. The leak must be repaired and the water cleaned up before using your washing machine again.

Keep it Clean

Many washing machines have one or more filters, like lint filters or water inlet filters, which must be cleaned as part of routine washer maintenance. You should check your original documentation for the locations and cleaning procedures for these filters.

If your washing machine has a fabric softener dispenser, that's another component that should be cleaned regularly. Fabric softener tends to leave behind a gummy, sticky residue that can cause the dispenser to stick closed or even leak. Finally, it's worthwhile to occasionally clean your washing machine's drum to strip away mineral deposits.

Stay on Balance

Just as with careful clothes dryer maintenance, it's important to keep your washing machine level. An off-balance washing machine can wobble around, rattling the motor, shaking loose hardware and even shimmying the whole machine across your laundry room. This is more than an annoyance – it can lead to costly washer repair.

Another way to keep your washing machine on-balance is to avoid overloading it. With a soaking wet, overfull load, the spin cycle can wobble your machine enough to cause some major problems.

HWA Has You Covered

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