Sump Pump Maintenance

Know How to Take Care of Your Sump Pump

In homes with damp basements, a sump pump can be lifesavers. Installed at the lowest point of a basement, this device collects groundwater that seeps inside and pumps it out, keeping the basement dry and protecting the foundation. But without proper sump pump maintenance, your pump could fail you in your time of need. Follow these tips in HWA Home Warranty of America®'s sump pump maintenance guide to keep yours in proper working order.

Inspect and Test

If you count on your sump pump to keep your basement dry, do your best to check on it periodically during rainy periods or when snow is melting. If something does go wrong, it's best to catch it early so you can repair or replace it quickly.

During dry periods, test your sump pump regularly by dumping a bucket of water in your sump pit. If your pump doesn't start working as it should, it's time to determine the situation before it really becomes a problem.

Keep it Clean and Clear

A crucial part of sump pump maintenance is keeping the filter screen clear of debris. Mud, pebbles, leaves, and other obstructions can stick to this screen, and if they build up, the pump can clog or shut off. Check and clean the filter regularly.

Checking the drainage line is also an important part of sump pump service. This line will usually stay clear, as the filter will catch many obstructions, but clogs can happen. When they do, you may need to disconnect the drainage line and clear it using a stronger flow of water from a faucet or hose. You can also use a long flexible brush to clear the line.

While you're performing either of these sump pump maintenance tasks, it's a good idea to clean up the sump pit. Mud, silt, and other materials can accumulate to the point of being a clog hazard.

Count the Days

Even if you diligently use this sump pump maintenance guide, you should know that sump pumps don't last forever. Most last five to seven years, but this can vary depending on usage and conditions. If you have an older pump that isn't performing properly, it may be time for an upgrade.

Also, many sump pumps run on batteries, and these have their own lifespans. Be sure to refer to your manufacturer's instructions to know when these batteries should be tested, replaced, and/or recharged.

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