Maintaining Your Trash Compactor

A household trash compactor can be a major convenience that minimizes your trips to the curbside trash can. But because these devices handle some of the messiest things in your home, diligent trash compactor maintenance is an important part of fighting bacteria and eliminating odors.

There's one simple trash compactor service you should perform every time you remove a full bag – check around for spilled garbage. Most compactors do a good job of containing everything in the bag, but sometimes things spill out, especially when removing a full bag. Anytime you see an errant piece of trash, pick it up.

While your trash compactor is empty and turned off, thoroughly clean all of the surfaces that come into contact with trash or the liner. Refer to your brand-specific trash compactor guide for an approved list of cleaning materials – although most compactors can be cleaned with any non-abrasive disinfectant spray. After cleaning, wipe down all the surfaces until they're completely dry.

If there are persistent odors, sprinkle the trash compartment with baking soda, close the unit and allow it to sit unused for 24 hours. You can use a vacuum to remove the baking soda afterward.

If your trash compactor has a filter, be sure to clean or replace it in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

To avoid major trash compactor repair, you should have your unit professionally inspected at least once a year. Routine trash compactor service will help extend the life of the unit and catch small problems before they turn into big ones.

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