Benefits of a Home Warranty

Why choose HWA?

Our range of home warranty plans help your clients avoid the worry and cost of unexpected home repairs and appliance replacements. With coverage for both sellers and buyers, we make it easy for you to give your clients the added value and security they deserve.

You'll be able to tell buyers and sellers that they're just a click or phone call away from a no-worry, no-hassle, low-cost solution for sudden breakdowns in their critical home systems and appliances.

A home warranty from HWA eliminates last-minute negotiations on homes with older systems appliances. With coverage of over 120 items and no age restrictions, HWA protects you and your clients against unknown pre-existing conditions, minimizing the risk of post-sale disputes.

When you choose HWA, you're choosing:

  • 13 months of initial coverage
  • A fully customizable plan that meets your unique needs
  • Free Seller's Coverage on active listings for up to 180 days ($1,500 limit)
  • Protection against unknown pre-existing conditions
  • Multiple comprehensive plans with competitive pricing
  • Easy-access customer service via phone, email, chat or web
  • Dependable service from a national network of independent qualified service technicians*

*HWA is not a contractor but engages independent qualified service technicians to service homes.

Why Choose HWA?

HWA offers a variety of warranty plans for homebuyers, plus a range of optional coverage to help your clients get exactly the plan they need at a competitive price. Sellers can take advantage of free basic coverage during the listing period. Learn more about the plans in your market.

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