Pool and Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

A personal hot tub or swimming pool can be a great addition to any home. Not only is it a great place for your family to enjoy, relax, and have fun, it can even add to your home's resale value. However, hot tubs and swimming pools do require some extra upkeep. While these tasks may seem daunting, Home Warranty of America is here to offer some basic guidelines on care and maintenance for your hot tub and pool!

Hot Tubs and Home Spa Maintenance

There are three important steps in maintaining your home's hot tub. Regular maintenance helps to keep your home spa debris free so you can relax and unwind with peace of mind.

  1. Drain and Replace Spa Water

    Hot tubs and home spas are generally smaller than the average swimming pool. This smaller size means there is less room for water to circulate and therefore it can become stagnant. To avoid the issues invited by stagnant water, like pesky mosquitos and unwanted algae, make sure to drain and replace your spa water every 60-90 days. Other signs like foul smelling or cloudy and foamy water are indicators that it is time to refresh your hot tub's water.

  2. Watch the pH Level

    Don't neglect checking your hot tub's pH level. The appropriate pH levels vary, so use your owner's manual as a reference to keep your spa's levels within the manufacturers recommended range. A pH level that is too high can cause calcium scaling, while a pH level that is too low causes irritation. Regulating the pH level helps you use your hot tub with comfort all year long.

  3. Check your Covers

    Tattered or waterlogged spa covers can harbor harmful microorganisms which can contaminate your spa water. Make sure to keep your hot tub covers in good condition, and replace them when necessary. Maintaining an appropriate hot tub cover also helps to keep harmful debris out of your tub, which helps to keep your water in usable condition.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

In the summer months, a home swimming pool is the perfect escape. Just like with a hot tub, a personal swimming pool needs regular maintenance.*

  1. Keep Debris Out

    Unlike a hot tub or spa, your swimming pool only needs to be drained and refilled once every few years. This increases the need to insure your water is debris free through regular maintenance. Taking five minutes to skim your pool and rid it of leaves, insects and other debris will help keep your pool filters working effectively. A working pool filter is imperative to keeping your pool water clean and usable. While you're removing debris, check the area around your swimming pool. Cracked patio tiles and loose rocks could fall into the pool or pose danger to your friends and family.

  2. Maintain your Pool's pH level

    When the weather is hot, you can spend hours on end enjoying your pool. Ensuring proper pH levels will keep you and your loved ones safe when swimming. When your pools pH level isn't balanced your water may look cloudy, your eyes and skin become irritated, and bacteria can breed more easily. A properly balanced pool should be clear, have no smell, and not cause irritation.

  3. Maintain your Pool's Water level

    After a long afternoon enjoying your pool, you might see the water level lower than normal. If it dips below halfway up the opening of your skimmer, it's time to take action. Simply use your garden hose to fill the pool until the water level rises to at least halfway up the skimmer opening.

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