Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about becoming an HWA service provider.

How are service calls assigned?

HWA emails all service requests to our providers.

Can HWA commit to certain amount of calls per day/week/month?

No. Although we have consistent business throughout the year, the volume of calls we receive fluctuates, based on a variety of factors. Since we aren't able to predict the number of calls we will receive in a given time period, we can't guarantee a minimum number of calls to our service providers.

How are claims approved?

Service providers receive authorizations by calling our dedicated Vendor Relations team, or by using our convenient online portal.

Does HWA work off a flat rate?

Yes, we often do, as this helps us control claim costs. However, this isn't true in all cases. Please contact our Vendor Relations department for details and additional information.

Does HWA supply HVAC equipment and household appliances when replacement is deemed necessary?

Yes. HWA has a national account with Carrier Corporation for HVAC equipment and an account with GE for household appliances.

How is a service provider's rating determined?

HWA's service provider rating is determined by an internal process. A provider's rating is based on professionalism, repair and replacement pricing, availability, and complaints or compliments received from customers.

How do I become an HWA service provider?

Simply fill out our online application or call us at 1.888.492.7359 to get started!

How to Reach Us
Sales & Claims: 888-492-7359
Fax: 888-492-7360

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